"It's less about being in control and more about assembling a TEAM that has bought 100% into your vision and believes your ideas are their own."



I am a very big thinker who deeply believes in my vision. I see a very clear path to reach a $250MM / year of gross revenues in CROFT by 2027. I see an opportunity to service 20,000 clients in the arena of financial services, taxes, and marketing. We have the infrastructure to make that happen, of course we will need to add operations & sales professionals. 

At the time of me writing this, we are at around $10MM / year of gross revenues & 62 employees. The fascinating thing is 5 years prior to writing this my gross revenues were: $257k / year with 2 employees. I made my first $1MM / year at age 37, with my current companies' valuation, my net worth exceeds $50MM+. I am very proud of what I've accomplished thus far, with a GOAL(s) of becoming a billionaire by age 65 and making $61MM / year. I have got a lot of work to do! Don't let other people tell you what your GOAL(s) should be, make your own design for your life. It is more fun that way!

I believe the thing that makes me unique as a CEO is I trust my executive management team and their "all in" approach to business. When you are building something big, you cannot do it alone. Others believe some of my top characteristics are: visionary, left brain creative (70%) & right brain logic - thanks Dad (30%), courage over cash, strategic, unique way of selling, strong sense of urgency, driven dreamer, goal orientated, contagious energy and I'm a Taurus, so stubborn at times. I have an ability to attract key talent and find them becoming organically interested in my story and my vision.

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