"When I see my wife's smile, I could run straight through a brick wall, like a rhino."


As a husband, I am the luckiest man in the world.  I am married to someone who truly understands me who allows me to be myself.  I love being married; I am a relationship guy.  My wife, Chersti Croft, has taught me that communication is the most important thing in life.  She is truly a communication expert.  My wife is the most important thing to me in my life. I used to care about what others thought of me but at the end of the day all I care about is what my wife thinks of me. Our faith in Jesus Christ is everything to both of us. We believe that God is the one in control in all things. Both of our lives changed once we gave Jesus the wheel.

I have always found myself as a person who likes to grow and continue to improve my skills.  Well, I have met my match.  My wife is a perfectionist as an actor, model & professionally trained opera singer. She understands & possess skills for days and love when we have time to drink tequila & go dancing - Lol & spend time at our Chicago home.  We did have a unity shot of tequila at our wedding instead of a unity candle.  We are both very lucky to have such wonderful families and have as much love & compassion as we do in our lives.  My wife has taken a supporting actor role at times as far as our careers go.  It would be bring me great joy to see her beautiful face on the big screen someday!  Hopefully, I would have something to do with that to say thank you for loving me & believing in me!