"I have to be connected emotionally to what I work on.  I have to love the work I'm involved in.  I love to get to know & like my clients - my work improves."



I am a dreamer, but I make goal(s). I get a plan and I go for it. I write in my journal daily. I believe in my abilities.  I look up at the stars a lot, one of my favorite things to do in northeastern Minnesota! I usually do not get it right the first time.  Sometimes my communication is off. I go back to the drawing board and I know when I am on to something. I get clarity by sounding things out & my business partner, Jonathan D. "JD" Frost, who spends a lot of time listening to all my crazy ideas!  We laugh a lot, and I am full of life when I come up with things that will work.  


I approach things more from a creative / strategic thinker than an analytic thinker would do. I do not connect very well with corporate America, bankers, and corporate people. There sometimes is a level of arrogance that could fill a room.  Some of these people need to check their egos at the door, laugh a little and just have more fun. When you have more fun, you make more money. I commonly will say that people in the Twin Cities, when I started my business career did not like me, maybe they didn't understand me. People in Chicago loved me and that is where I fit in. I found a town that supported a creative hustler that is a grinder with a never quit attitude.


Chicago is my favorite city in the world, I get inspired looking at the buildings / skyline there.  My wife & I have a home located on Upper Illinois St. in downtown Chicago.