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Paul Thomas Croft founded Croft Enterprises, LLC in 2008, during one of the worst economic times in the United States. He believed in the opportunity to help clients during that difficult time and realized that ‘value creation’ was his key to success in the financial industry. Paul started Croft Enterprises with a vision to grow the business to major cities. In 2017, Croft Enterprises expanded to Chicago where he was able to find great success and life-changing connections within the first year. Paul’s natural, driven ability to network continues to impact individuals in Chicago, the Twin Cities, Chattanooga, West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Value creation is Paul’s passion and remains the focus of Croft Enterprises, which has resulted in success for over twelve years. In September of 2021, Croft Enterprises, JD Frost & Co, PLLC, and CROFT, LLC merged to create a nationally recognized accounting and a financial firm named CROFT & FROST.

Paul dreamed of earning a seven-figure income by the time he was forty, which became a reality at age thirty-seven. That dream became a reality due to establishing life-long relationships and enhancing the personal and financial goals of his clients. Paul’s unique ability to form these deep, impactful relationships has enriched his own personal and professional life in unimaginable ways. His main goal is to help the people around him grow personally, professionally, and financially through his life values and professional experiences.

Today Paul’s personal net worth is north of $700MM and he has the goal of becoming a billionaire in the next year. Paul has high goals and expectations of himself but some of the things that drive him are to inspire, provide wisdom, and share his experiences with his employees and clients to also achieve higher levels of success.  In 2022, Paul launched an international green renewable energy company that has a fully operating C-Suite of professionals and has a goal of creating 100% green renewable energy for generations to come.

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