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Welcome to the personal journal / newsletter of Paul Thomas Croft! God has given me an ability to write. Being diagnosed with OCD back in 2005 and always having multiple thoughts going on at the same time in my brain, verbal communication becomes tough for others to follow my communication style unless “you feel me,” or have “practice listening to me” but I thrive at written communication! I wonder what it's like for my wife, for my Mom & Dad and for my business partner to listen to all of my thoughts?

Welcome to Paul Thomas Croft - #1 on PATIENCE.

Patience is one of those virtues we all strive to maintain in our everyday lives. But sometimes our self-control wanes and impatience settles in, whether we are dealing with a problem at work or home.

This really rings true for me right now, so I thought I would write about it. I'm on “pins and needles” waiting on the biggest business and financial deal of my life. It will truly be life changing in many different ways for Chersti, Quinn & I and JD Frost & I. I am staring at the real life opportunity at age of 41 years old to earning $260,000,000 of gross annual revenues in 2022 and any day now! When I look back to 2016 and what was reported on the top number of my corporate tax return, it was: $267,000.

I knew God had more for me and that is why I left my home state of Minnesota and first moved to the Grand Cayman Islands for two months in 2016 (sometime I will write more about what changed my life there) and then got mentally prepared for my move to Chicago, IL in August of 2017. I gave up so much to leaving my home state of Minnesota, which was so good to me! Today, my family lives in Miami, Chicago and very soon embarking on a move to Los Angeles, as well! My wife is an actor and that's why we are adding a 3rd location to our complicated lives. Our move to Los Angeles reminds me of my move to Chicago in 2017 and I am very excited for Chersti Croft, she's going to be a star! She will be in the correct environment for her work and to network! We are also on hold to building a home in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (too much going on at the moment, but have the land!) A lot can change in 5 years. God is soooo good!

My life in every way has changed so rapidly, but if I go back to my notes and journals I always wanted this life and sometimes I would be in Church (back in 2005, 2006 & 2007) saying to God during praise & worship, “Why not now, why not me, why not on my timeline; I'm ready - don't you see that?” I felt a reply back from God saying, “I will let you know whey your time has come, but it's not now and it will be when I feel you're ready for it, not you." That was back in 2006 when I remember receiving that message. See God knows best his plans for our lives and has plans of Good and not of Evil for us.

There are 3 CONCRETE employees that work for JD Frost & I that I can think of today that they've been blessed by their “patience” in us and their work. They are being blessed and rewarded for their patience and having their work and talent(s) being rewarded this year. Patience is a Virtue! I love thinking of these individuals and will list them, because I am humbled by their believe and loyalty in me and brings tears to my eyes when I see what's in store for them in Q4 of 2022 and beyond!

Their names are: Dan Loris, Aaron Shroyer & Dan Nelsen - Congratulations Gentleman, Well Deserved! I'm very proud of each one of you and the Value you bring to our organization(s) and to JD and I's lives, thank you.

Patience is not easy, but they say “easy come, easy go". When there is delayed gratification, it tastes sweeter! I can be patient, because I am faithful and I know that God is in control of my life and I sleep much better at night knowing that he is at the wheel and not me. It feels gratifying publicly writing about my Patience in this deal and reminded me that when you have faith, “anything” is possible. Without Faith, you have nothing. My life was also changed when I visited Israel for the first time with my Mom in February of 2019! I would encourage everyone to visit the promise land during their lifetime!

I'm not sure if every one of my newsletters will be this centered around my faith, but this one seemed to be very appropriate. That's the beautiful thing about my newsletter… it's going to be wide open and I will talk about a lot of things going on in my life journey and share it with you.

Please feel free to email me or text me with your thoughts of my newsletter. This is a very exclusive “list”. I do not envision it to be over 500 readers and the list will be reserved for those that I care about the most.

Best Regards,

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