"I am a visionary who is a left brain creative that believes in courage over cash.  You need the courage to go get the cash."



Paul Thomas Croft founded Croft Enterprises in 2008, during one of the worst economic times in the United States. He believed in the opportunity to help clients during this difficult time and realized that “value creation was his key to
success in the financial industry.” Value creation is Paul’s passion and remains the focus of Croft Enterprises, which has resulted in success for over ten years.

Paul dreamed of earning a seven-figure income by the time he was forty, which became a reality at age thirty-seven. That dream became a reality due to establishing life-long relationships and enhancing personal and financial goals of his clients. Paul’s unique ability to form these deep, impactful relationships has enriched his own personal and professional life in unimaginable ways. Paul’s main goal is to help the people around him grow personally, professionally, and financially through his life values and professional experience.

In Paul’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and friends, traveling, and playing golf and hockey. Paul played hockey growing up, and he was ranked in the top 30 players in the state of Minnesota during his high school career. Unfortunately, his Junior year he suffered from a traumatic back injury which did not stop him from being on the ice, but later discovered his passion for hockey had changed. Paul’s work ethic has proven to be the driver in all of his success, and his true passion for caring for others. Adding substantial value to people’s lives has led Paul to be a successful entrepreneur throughout his career.